Author Topic: Exclusion problem [2015.10.0.2208]  (Read 979 times)

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Exclusion problem [2015.10.0.2208]
« on: February 04, 2015, 12:22:19 AM »
Thanks for taking my query.
I'm running version 2015.10.0.2208 on Win7 x64.

I'm having a problem with getting a specific Exclusion to work in my Active Protection.  I'm wondering if a folder name syntax may be the issue?

I've got a file in a P2P program that avast! is constantly scanning (about every 8 seconds), showing in Statistics >Real Time Data, under the File System Shield, as this:
  C:\Program Files+\WinMX 3.54beta4\settings.dat
Thus far, every entry, along with the actual path, I've tried for it fails to actually exclude it.  I have the Read, Write, and eXecute boxes ticked. 
Some that I've tried include:
  *\WinMX 3.54beta4\settings.dat
  *WinMX 3.54beta4*
  C:\Progra~1\WinMX 3.54beta4\settings.dat

In addition to all the different entries I could think of, I've closed/restarted the program, still with no success.  Is restarting a program required with each new entry?

Does anyone know if the "+" character in the folder name should be an issue? (avast, in the Statistics, shows the path as it is in Windohs; for anyone curious, i use that folder for portable programs, distinguished from the installed programs)
Any ideas?