Author Topic: AIS firewall issue with Microsoft Games (Jigsaw,Sudoku) under Win 8.1 64 bit?  (Read 1285 times)

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I'm sharing this issue with Microsoft Games Studio and I've got some suspect about AIS firewall. I've got several MS Games installed in Modern UI (Sudoku, Jigsaw, Age of Empires: Castle Siege, Snap Attack). Since a few months these games can't access the XBOX Account associated with my Windows Microsoft account. The account is accessible from the web without any issue. Microsoft gave a full list of operation to try to fix this problem (starting from a reset to the Windows app Store under Modern UI to unistalling and installing again all these games).
But I'm still experiencing this issue and, while waiting more to come, I was wondering if could be releated to the Avast Firewall in AIS 2015.10.0.2208. As you may imagine, disabling the firewall still doesn't solve the problem. Should I try to uninstall AIS as an ultimate check? I'm asking this because I know that games based on XBOX accounts under Windows use some special ports to communicate with XBOX game server to operate their transaction (store badges, save game etc). I suppose they use UPnP to open ports and my router has UPnP enabled...and also these problem rised a few months ago....before I had AIS installed, same configuration, same router and no issue at all. Could be some firewall rules revised or an issue with the low level firewall driver?
I appreciate if some of you could do a test under win 8.1 with AIS installed downloading any of these games under MODERN UI. I really don't want at the moment to uninstall AVAST to see if it is its own issue.
Thanks a lot :)