Author Topic: Does anyone use the startpage portal?  (Read 20752 times)

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Re: Does anyone use the startpage portal?
« Reply #45 on: April 03, 2015, 09:27:21 PM »
I'm no different than the next guy and of course by all means want to stay safe
Yes you are different and you do not want to safe. Let me state some facts:
- You are still using avast 2014 and refuse to update to 2015.
- You have posted many times here giving people who are seeking help false and outdated information.
- You are using a account with administrator rights for daily use on your system.
- You are refusing to listen to people when they are giving you real good advice when it comes to security.
- You keep posting long post without saying anything useful in them.

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Re: Does anyone use the startpage portal?
« Reply #46 on: April 03, 2015, 09:36:55 PM »
Hi laksrool,

Just a reply to your question (and for those interested in the workings of the uMatrix extension for Google Chrome).
The answer is "no"", and this is the unique quality of this amazing extension - that this is on a per page basis. Click all and you click all allowed for the time you are on that page within one session with the browser.
Next time you can make another decision and the toggling goes on as on a per page basis. So if google analytics is allowed on avast forum site, it still is being blocked on  for instance, where you again have to allow it when you go there (open that page) when you want to unblock - a red small corner is all that is left of the initial original settings. So really a unique concept and also blocking frames on a page until you allow them with one click. So you just have to consider the settings of uMatrix in combination with ScriptSafe to get the functionality you need within that session (lest the sites you visit were established as secure). Just ponder on this txt and let it sink in, this is quite some added security, because where scripts cannot run and clicks can not have effect infection cannot take place period. It is just like driving a car, when you know what to handle you are "on your way" in a safe and secure manner, and it is not that hard to learn when you use some common sense and know what sites to avoid in allowing functionality (sites that WOT flags, that Bitdefender TrafficLight flags, DrWeb's URL checker flags, Google Safebrowsing or Yandex alerts and blocks and those alerted by Avast Shields and Web Rep naturally.

Another bonus - while doing all this you learn an awful lot of what is on a website (under the hood) and where to watch out.

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