Author Topic: Fixed code standard for the future?  (Read 1929 times)

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Fixed code standard for the future?
« on: September 28, 2005, 02:15:18 PM »
Hi forum friends,

I know from the old lessons of F.RAVIA once, that he always went on about some programs being better in an older versions, and whenever there are no security conflicts, you are better off without some newly added  functionality, that ia simply "adware, spyware or phoning home or tunneling qualities that modern programners for some reason or other cannot live without". Consider your choices well, the newest software goes more and more towards this kind of software that is good and functional, ready to use for all, but in some sense predetermined "one way" apps. You just have to listen carefully what Open Source Gurus tell you, and you know what it is all about: freedom of choice and adaptation, ergo:  privacy versus a dictate, what closed software mostly comes down to. The best way to demonstrate this is
a. software for digital recorders comes in a way that cannot be further adjusted, it is fixed, so no one can fiddle with it. These are new American regulations. Take it or leave it.
b. The next window version will be coded in a way that the code cannot be adjusted: fixed. No rootkits anymore but at what a cost.

Another  take it or leave it version to come in.  Adjusting software to your liking, even improving  is now nearly completely prohibited. Only certain open source software is really open.  Resource hacking in many countries is considered a crime even for personal use only. Sure a conflict of interests, but a very unbalanced one, going again: ONE WAY. This seems a bit of a philosofical rant of mine, but these are very important issues at stake here, that every end-user on the Net should consider. Forget about your freedom, and you have already half lost it.


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