Author Topic: RENEW YOUR LICENSE just purchases a new license, make sure to use the same email  (Read 997 times)

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We got a notice in the physical mail that our license was expiring. It had the wrong date, and the wrong price, so my boss and I went online together to renew. Our license was actually expiring next month, not when the mail piece said, but we decided to take care of it anyway since we were there. We logged into our account (which is under my email address) and clicked on the expiring license (we have 2) and then on RENEW YOUR LICENSE then selected the same level of protection (Avast Internet Security) and the same number of PCs (5). He paid for it with his card, and entered HIS email address. The license in our account (remember it's under my email?) still says it's expiring and there is no new license listed.

We had to submit a support ticket (Avast won't answer the phone for billing issues) and wait a week until they added the new license to my account... which they apparently did by just changing the email address on the new license.

My account now shows 3 licenses, 2 good, and it still shows the expired license (which isn't used anymore) and it still wants me to renew it. LOL.

So, in case anyone else is about the renew: 1. Renew will just buy you a new license 2. make sure the email on the  new license is the same as the one on the old license. 3. I have no idea if the mail piece was actually from Avast or not, but it was wrong in two places, so don't trust that.