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Red information window
« on: November 06, 2003, 11:39:50 PM »
I connect to the internet by dialup 56k modem.  Every time I connect to the internet I get this RED Avast informatin window in the bottom righthand corner of my computer.  This red window doesn't go away until I click on it.  
In the red window it reads:
"Avast! Information
An error as occurred while attempting to  update!
Click here for more information."

This is becoming very irratating.   >:(
After I click on the red window another window pops up.  This window then reads:Avast! Antivirus Setup
Information about current update:
Last encountered error: Server (unknown:80) is down.

Total time: 6 s
How do it get these windows from popping up.  This is irratating! >:(
I use Windows 98 operating system and Zonealarm for a firewall.   I gave Avast software permission to access the internet.
Can somebody help?

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