Author Topic: Avast! for PowerPC, S390, Alpha, SPARC, ARM, MIPS or M68k platforms  (Read 7254 times)

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we're now altogether ready to produce Avast! also for PowerPC, S390, Alpha, SPARC, ARM, MIPS or M68k-based *nix platforms (besides the x86 mainstream). But, it's quite problematic to get all these rare machines, with all their various OS-es, ready at hand for testing and solving remaining platform-specific issues.

So, I'd like to ask people here whether someone owns such machine and is disposed to help us. All what we need now is a remote user access (SSH) and some (let's say 500MB) disk space. This would allow us to complete the beta-release for such particular platform. Any help will be appreciated.

P. Cimbal

PS: We're looking primarily for SPARC ARM and MIPS based machines.
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