Author Topic: $10 Offer in Program NEVER works! VERY SKETCHY!  (Read 1020 times)

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$10 Offer in Program NEVER works! VERY SKETCHY!
« on: March 09, 2015, 05:43:35 AM »
TL;DR - Offered $10 Pro Avast version twice and the Avast program always hangs/freezes at loading when I attempt to buy it. Want it fixed or for them to just put the sale on the website for easy purchase of license. PS: The ads and store in the program is a bad decision and has no place in a Anti-Virus program.

I've been offered two times in a pop-up to upgrade to the Pro version for 10$ and I WANT TO!  My friend has had this as well and EVERYTIME we try to purchase it through the program/in-store section, it hangs at the loading screen (Paypal or credit/debit).  I am considering SERIOUSLY getting this crap off my computer after YEARS (3-6 Years plus on my phone) of using them because this is really sketchy.  If they are offering to sell their Pro package (Offer ending the 16 apparently) why isn't this advertised on their website?

Why do I have to wait for a pop-up to buy the program for 40$ cheaper?  Why does the program hang after attempting to upgrade?  I was actually getting fed up at one point and was considering just shelling out the $40 to just get it over with but no, I'll switch to the free Comodo package before that.  Avast, why is your store and your marketing EXTREMELY SKETCHY?  Stop this shifty business and get honest, put the dam $10 deal on your website and people will flock and get rid of the store.  It has no place in an anti-virus program!