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Re: I use to praise Avast!....
« Reply #15 on: June 28, 2015, 04:30:30 PM »
Hi there, looking through the info I also found on there site;

We offer free support in English for the consumer versions of avast! Antivirus on the following issues:

    Installation of avast! products
    Errors/problems during avast! installation
    Basic configuration
    Inserting the license
    Avast! update issues
    Error messages for avast! products

If the issue is more complicated, you could be offered a paid service.

which sounds very reasonable. Helping with the basic setups, but other then that hit the forums or ticket support.


P.S I hope Avast does really offer these as stated, I have just set my family up with this softwear!

The PAID SERVICE is from a 3rd Party Support Avast has contracted, but there have been 1000's of complaints and reports of unethical pressure tactics and misleading advice.
Do not pay for support, the forum is free and many users have experience with Avast for over a decade.