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Avast Power Supply Protector
« on: April 17, 2015, 06:44:41 PM »
So another problem I had was that my Samsung Galaxy phone that I had was super easy to hack and get access to it when I just got the phone. Bluetooth was being turned on. Alarms were turned on. Setting were switched and I assume there was all these problems with my phone. I tried telling people, but cellphones are worse to ask questions about security with the customer service reps at Samsung.

Then I had these problems with my router and I know that the safest way to be able to use anything when it is compromised is to pull the power from the device. So it is like a real on off switch that I know 100% is shutting it off and on. However, the power cord to my laptop, and any battery mechanism to my laptop, and cellphone, seems to put into question the reality of actually shutting anything off.

I use to have a phone where I can pull the battery from the phone, but those Samsung Galaxy phones don't let you do that any more and it is screwed in and there is no way to take it out. Conversely, the stand by mode in any operating system seems like a misnomer to me if remote assistance allows me to operate anything while it is in standby mode. I am thinking that you can still use the computer if the computer is shut off or on standby. Maybe not shut off, but definitely on standby and I know that if there is an energy source to the device, then there is a chance that the threats happen when you walk away from your device rather then use it.

Given that, I figured out that the only way to actually shut off my phone was to waste the battery on it and then give it a little life when I wanted to use it and then let it waste away again, which is like the biggest pain the butt and so I just got rid of my phone because I know it had a ton of viruses on it and what do I need this for? I can use a LAN line to make phone calls if this computer in my hand is beyond compromised.

So I was thinking that maybe there is some way to monitor the power being used and if there is a blip when there shouldn't be one, then that would set off some alarms that maybe someone is using the computer when it should be offline. Like if you shut the cell phone off, it should be off, but I don't think that is the case. Same goes with laptops and other computers. So if it is off and the power is being used, then that would signal otherwise and it is on when it should be off.