Author Topic: Virus Scan will not show me threats and software updater is stuck  (Read 2335 times)

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I'm having two issues. The first is that when I run a scan it will tell me that a threat is detected but when I click on the button to show me the threats nothing happens. I've clicked a number of times and a variety of ways. The button changes colors when it's highlighted and then changes again when I click, so I know that I've gotten the mouse pointer over the button correctly but it doesn't take me to the next screen to let me see the threats and choose an action.

The second issue is that the software updater appears to be stuck. It keeps telling me that I need to update Adobe Reader to version 11.0.10. However, I'm already on Adobe Reader version 11.0.10. The thing is that it automatically starts "preparing update" on the Adobe reader as soon as I click on the software scanner, but it never gets anywhere. It's stuck in an infinite loop. This means that I can't update any of the other software from that page and it never notifies me that there's out of date software anymore. I can use that page to manually check and see what other software needs to be updated, because they do show up but then I have to go update them manually.

What actions can I take to fix these issues?

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Re: Virus Scan will not show me threats and software updater is stuck
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2015, 12:00:41 AM »
A clean install should fix both issues.

The second should also be able to fixed by : Open up Software Updater > Settings > Database (reset) > Reset database now.

You need to perform a clean install:

Note: It's important you used the stub online installer from the one I linked.. NOT the offline one.

Note: You need to be ONLINE during this install (online installer works in all cases whereas offline sometimes doesn't)

1.Download your version of avast! and the avastclear tool:

Avast Free Antivirus
Avast Pro Antivirus
Avast Internet Security
Avast Premier

Download Avast Clear Tool

2. Uninstall Avast by control panel  [If you don't have Avast in control Panel go to #3]
3. Uninstall in safe mode using Avastclear. [Running Avastclear is normal mode will give a prompt to go into Safe Mode]
Check : Once uninstalled check in device manager>view>show hidden devices if there is anything related to avast with a yellow triangle.. if so, uninstall it and reboot.
5. Install the version you downloaded.
6. Reboot.

Free: If you have the Free version, register the product for free for a year from the avast! UI.
Paid: If you have a paid license, insert the license key/activation code after the reboot at stage 6.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. It's better to ask than make a mistake and start over again with the process.
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Re: Virus Scan will not show me threats and software updater is stuck
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2015, 04:58:31 AM »
Ok, so I can't seem to find my license file. My account on the Avast website shows that I have an up to date license that doesn't expire until April but I don't see how to download a new license file or license key to tell the installer that this is the case...