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Hi, I've been trying out Windows 10 and I'm currently on the latest build 10041, When I updated to this build it uninstalled Avast (among other programs) and when I tried to reinstall it and put in my serial I'm getting the message in the subject. I have "Avast! Premier - 3 PCs, 1 Year", I'm only using it on my PC and on my Laptop (Both running the same Windows 10 preview version) and it was working fine beforehand.

Anyone know why I would be getting this error? Could there be some remnant of the previous Avast install still in there confusing things? If so, How can I completely uninstall all Avast software in order to reinstall using my key?

I've looked at the devices on my account, my laptop was listed 3 times and my PC was already listed there, so I removed them all but I'm still getting the same message.
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OK, I just downloaded my license file and it accepted it, possible there's a delay between deleting devices on the website and the programs recognising this or maybe the license file gives extra info that just using the key doesn't.

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Yes, there is a delay when using  :)

Greetz, Red.
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