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SSL support for mail scanner
« on: November 10, 2003, 05:00:16 AM »
I've read the future features wishlist thread enough (but not completely, because I have limited time) to determine that it seems as if:
(a) SSL support for the mail scanners will not be implemented;
(b) someone thinks using external SSL programs is good enough;
(c) SSL would only be implemented for IMAP

What I would like to know is if the secure SMTP and POP3 protocols would ever have integrated support with avast! Home edition, and not just on the way out - I would like to see the ability to use SSL to connect to the avast! mail scanner from your email client, and then from the avast! mail scanner to your mail servers.

The reason being, SSL alone on outgoing connections does not secure against packet capturing etc before your email gets to the avast! service. I know that the only situations where you would really need this would be when the mail scanner was on another computer (in a home network situation), but it would provide peace of mind.

If not, the ability to at least have only outgoing SSL would help, so you could insecurely send mail to the mail scanning service, and have that securely connect to a program such as GPGrelay, which then sends your mail.

Perhaps having the ability to fall back to insecure protocols after attempts to use secure protocols would be better, with the support for specifying both the insecure and secure port(s) to attempt access on (for instance, I run SMTP and POP relays on ports 26, 27, 111, and 112, as I use a combination of avast! and GPGrelay to send and receive my emails at the moment.