Author Topic: "Sorry, the requested device was not found"  (Read 3170 times)

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"Sorry, the requested device was not found"
« on: April 14, 2015, 05:24:05 AM »
My mum's phone was stolen and she was happy to see all her photos backed up nicely onto Google Drive via avast! Mobile Security. However, on Google Drive, the .txt file that's supposed to contain her Contacts backup says her Contacts can only be found in her avast! Account. When I tried to login to her account, the system couldn't even find her e-mail =\

So I created an account with that same e-mail, in the hopes the device would just magically appear there. I didn't =(
On that same .txt file, there's a link to what's supposedly the stolen device on her account on my.avast, but all I get when I try to follow this link is the pop-up message "Sorry, the requested device was not found".

How can I find her Contacts backup? Please, help me help my mum!

PS: I feel I must say I wasn't sure I had set up an avast! Account on her phone, but, if her backups are there on Google Drive, I must have, right? Or does the backup work for the photos without an avast! Account, only a Google Drive account, but her Contacts (and texts etc.) won't be backed up?

The photos were of sentimental value, she really needs her Contacts, though :( (Yes, I know, syncing her Contacts to Gmail would have been much simpler, but my mum's stubborn and don't even get me started on this..)

PPS: I posted this on the "my.avast" Forum, but I'm not sure if it belongs here instead. I'll delete it from wherever it's not appropriate in.