Author Topic: new version of avast 10.2.2218.942 don't disable option "SAFE virtual mechines"  (Read 2693 times)

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after update to new version 10.2.2218.942 as usually i remove checkbox for SAFE virtual machines with all other "extra" options. I just leaved files monitor to run but:
1. avastSvc.exe run:
a) for 15sec keytool.exe - what is it keygen, logger
b) ngtool.exe which is a part of virtual machine scanner at every windows startup and this ngtool eat 70% of CPU time, also it upload over 100kb of data - what a f..k do you upload ?????

2. Avast\ng\vbox\AvastVBoxSVC.exe is running but should not be present if i disable such function + this is running too \Avast\ng\vbox\aswFe.exe

I twice run setup from software manager to be sure I unchecked all options but that components are running, eat my CPU time and upload data.
This is very tricky action from you, what data you need to be uploaded? Why it's so much data?
And why NGTOOL with VBOX are running if i don;t want them to use ?

After unknown data from my PC was uploaded by avastSvc.exe (it took about 15min) again I run setup/modify for avast and again check is SAFE Virtual machines option is unchecked (it was unchecked) i press NEXT then avast setup remove services: AvastVBoxSVC.exe and aswFe.exe and NGTOOL.exe. Now they are not loaded.

WHAT DATA DO You NEED from me to be uploaded ?
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There are more types of keys then just the ones on your keyboard. ;)
A certificate is also a key.

Disabling is not the same as having it not installed.
Why do you have it installed if you don't want to run/use it ?

What data avast collects is explained in the license terms as well as in their blogs.


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every time when i made update avast from avast menu after it complete it's update jobs i must open windows software manager and run avast setup/modify to check what "extra" tools are installed
and even I never ever want to install SAFE virtual machine it's checked (PUSH install during update) so i uncheck it and press NEXT to tell avast remove that options.

i did it but after PC reboot NGTOOL and others were still installed, collect some data and upload it, where and for what ?
After several tries and perhaps only after avast sent some data from my PC this "uncheck" procedure during setup/modify did it's job, after reboot ngtool and others ware uninstalled from windows services and from HDD (removed NG folder).

Could you test such behaviour before push update ?

I'm happy using avast and want to participate in this project, but guys please avoid to do such "things", it smells very badly.
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