Author Topic: can login on laptop but not android - same password, same email, checked 5 times  (Read 2042 times)

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I copied and pasted my password, and I checked that the complete password was copied (nothing missing, nothing extra, not even a space).  I can login from my laptop, but not from the Avast Anti-Theft app.  Why not? 

On the smartphone, perhaps I could login using Facebook, but would I then end up with 2 accounts?


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I faced the same problem and I ended up creating a secondary email address but I'd like to combine these two accounts into a single one so I can upgrade to premium for all devices.
Really appreciate if someone from Avast can pitch in with some advice.

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I had the same problem after moving from my old android phone to e new one.
After removeing and reinstalling avast the problem was gone.

I think it occours after using some backupaps to move from one device to another