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Recent update release notes.
« on: May 27, 2015, 03:36:07 PM »
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post the release notes for the recent update for everyone. If anyone has issues, Please submit a ticket through the support link in the portal so we can handle them on a case by case basis. We try to keep up with the forums as well but it's easier for us track issues using the ticket system we have in place.

High-level Summary
New features
- Automation of reinstall of client software on devices and reporting of re-install history
- Support for device "cloning"
- Ability to set-up proxy settings for installer via GUI
- Ability to start chat with Avast support directly from application
- Reporting virus definition version in device details
- Reporting client program version in device details
- Ability to "drill down" into the "Threats Detected" widget
- More antivirus settings: Mail Shield "Scan SSL" settings
- Added ability to update billing information, billing details section added to company profile
- Tracking of URL parameters sent to console upon creation in data warehouse (enables us to track referrals all the way to company level)
- Redesigned "Create company page" and smoothed pages transitions in sign up process
- Redesigned "list" screens in console - new look
- Redesigned "detail" screens in console - new look
- Redesigned "settings" screens in console - new look
- Redesigned "device details / products" screen - new look
- Unsupported browser notifications added
Major Bug fixes
- Threat notifications are missing if the scan is started from the client
- Closing account page is broken
- Different settings/policy is edited than expected when navigating from device details
- Thread detected in virus chest notification does not lead to a valid virus chest
 - Fixed issues with date formats
- Disabled advanced settings of scan task for servers
- Multiple same threats in Threats detected
- "Invalid security token" message changed to provide value to users
- Change of company name is not reflected in invitation till reload
- Remove notification "device have been removed from your network" on station reinstall
- Ability to send custom "notification" to console via IPM
- Downgrade of company to free works when invoice is unpaid