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Problems with Avast Server and Mail - Spam Blocking.
« on: November 02, 2005, 03:01:49 PM »
I am a new user so sorry if these questions have been answered... and this is going to be a long post as well.
I am Testing Avast antivirus for the trial period and have installed to some servers.
I use ADNM to install and manage all systems, as this is a requirement for the final installations.
I Have run into some problems with a few systems, after installing Avast and this is mostly my fault as i have seen in the forum.
The problem is I see no simple instruction on what whould run on domain controllers - Exchange servers and suggested setup for adnm organisation.
The problem is I really don't know which services to run on each system, and what a service will do in order to decide if it will run or not.
In particular n the exchnage server except the problems with sending mail i Have seen problems with spam blocking.
I Have Ms Exchange 2003 and use the Spam Blocking System with DSBl - RBL ... Blacklists. It worked fine, but after installing - running some services from Avast it stop blocking. I guess the incoming mail ip got  sort of spoofed during mail check. I don't know which service might do that and if i can change this.

I have also blocked outgoing smtp connection from any other Ip except the Exchange server's one. While avast services were running I got messages that some outgoing smtp cnnections were blocked, but the Ip was the outside nat IP of the router! This is very strange. Is it something some avast service might get round to doing? How did it find the ip? Does anyone know of a virus or other program using some spoofing technic like that?

Hope I was clear enough.