Author Topic: Infection Blocked Notification Each time I turn My Pc On - Please Help  (Read 963 times)

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Hi Guys... I need a bit of help here... Im not a Techy guy so please bear with me...

Pretty Much each time I log my Pc on I get a Threat Blocked Notification from Avast... The URL it comes from varies but sometimes is ones which sound familiar (i.e. I have seen the name before). Here Is an example of One :

I have done scans Using Avast, Malwarebytes, CC cleaner, & MSE but they never find anything...

The threat detection is a recurring notification & is therefore making me wary...

Any help would be great



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Malware removal help is done in viruses and worms forum section

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And please make the link not clickable.
We do not want people to visit malicious websites.