Author Topic: AVAST 2015 R3 RC (2015.10.3.2222)  (Read 93138 times)

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Re: NEW AVAST 2015 R3 RC (2015.10.3.2222)
« Reply #135 on: July 08, 2015, 10:45:22 PM »
Bob, I do not need you to tell me what Beta Testing is all about, I have been doing it for years with Windows OS's. FYI to anyone that cares, I removed AIS , used AvastClear in Safe mode which by the way does NOT remove everything. I then re installed clean this latest Beta, I will not call it an RC as it is not ready for prime time. My issue with "The Clear Feature" is now gone. IMHO Avast is turning into a bloated program which reminds me of the old Norton Programs. I can also do without the Chrome adverts. Have a nice day!
I think it was you who stated that you don't have AIS installed despite reporting problems ???
Not a problem, I'm sure it will get solved through the efforts of other beta testers and Avast.
You also have a nice day. :)

I resolved it I guess you do not have a great understanding of The English Language Bob. An RC is a Release Candidate unlike an Alpha or Beta it's next step is The Final Release. If people want to refer to an RC as a Beta then that is up to them. In the scheme of things one a Beta reaches the RC level it is referred to as such.
Nothing wrong with my comprehension even if I don't make that statement. David is correct in what he posted. It's still a Beta and bound to still have quirks.
Since you no longer have it installed, you should be happy they no longer effect you. :)
Continue to have a nice day GTX66. :)
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