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Defacement flagged?
« on: August 19, 2015, 01:14:38 AM »
Sucuri has it:
Defacement   MW:DEFACED:01   -
Defacement   MW:DEFACED:01   -
Web site defaced. Details:
<title>Hacked By Yunus Incredibl</title>
System Details:
Running on: nginx/1.0.14
Powered by: PHP/5.3.10
Outdated Web Server Nginx Found: nginx/1.0.14
Embed tests:

See warnings here:
while the $content there is not passing the sanitation to make it a string, code should read:
Code: [Select]
$this->parse_content( $this->content ); for
Code: [Select]
$this->parse_content( $content ); includes in php.code!
Abuse of facebook BigPipe code!

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