Author Topic: Firestorm Viewer 64bit Crashing with Avast 10.3.2221 Installed  (Read 2566 times)

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hi There

Problems from start of clean install of 10.3.2221, First Ui didn't show the Startup scan after clean install,  Restart froze in Restarting screen on WIndows 8.1 Pro 64bit system,  upon reboot taskbar icons in notification area was slow to show up,  then relogged into Firestorm after excluding the folders as directed by Firestorm support,  relogged in, then constant crashing out of Secondlife game,   (finally restarted PC into admin account, and removed the beta, and back to 2218, did send in a Support report, and also reported bug with the form. 

Note this happened with Beta 2 as well, cause unknown at this time,  With 2218 right now seems to be running normally, trying to wait for any system refresh or clean install of 8.1 til Windows 10 is out, Then will upgrade via Windows update as directed, then do the system refresh or however clean install of 10 will work.   Previous antivirus was Windows Defender briefly testing if it acted same with that or not, was stable with that briefly, but didn't wanna stay with that program.   

*But if I have to will run System Refresh early, and reinstall all 3rd party applications if need be*

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