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How do I handle the scan results
« on: December 03, 2003, 09:04:44 AM »
I have a standalone PC with Windows ME, McAfee Personal Firewall, Spyware Guard, SpywareBlaster, and Spybot.  I downloaded and then updated Avast version 4.1 Home Edition on Nov. 30.  My 40 gb hard drive has 32 gb of stuff, and when I looked about a year ago I had 36,000 files, but Avast says I have a lot more.  I did a thorough scan of nonarchive files (115,000 files) and it listed 15 lines infected.  Should I have first disabled the spyware programs?  Rebuild didn't work, so I deleted them.  Then I realized I needed to generate a VRDB for rebuild to work in the future, so I did so.  Then I did a thorough scan including archive files (498,000 files) and it showed a list of 1868 lines, of which 20 had viruses.  Almost all the rest said "Unable to scan.  Archive is password protected."  I tried to delete a line for a file in Windows/All Users/Application Data/Spybot Search & Destroy/Recovery but it froze up. (Most of the lines were unrelated to the spyware programs.)  So I clicked on cancel, but the Processing Results box is still on my screen.  I'll keep the screen up for awhile in case you answer soon.  Should I have deleted the lines with viruses and not touched the password-protected lines? Should I now click Close, and if that won't work, control alternate delete, and lose the scan results frozen on the screen?  (It's okay if I must.  Each scan only took 1 hour and some minutes.)  Thanks for your help.