Author Topic: Can Avast also help opt out of personalised Ads!  (Read 2069 times)

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Can Avast also help opt out of personalised Ads!
« on: July 14, 2015, 02:09:30 PM »
4 Apps detected that collect location information - Admob or collect device or mobile network information
Admob Google Play Music GMail Google Play Newsstand and Google Play Books
You can opt out of Admob via Ad Network Detector App, I have it installed.
Does Avast plan similar protection of Apps?
Googleacquired and coupled  Admob to Google Analytics:
With Google it is like Eagles' Hotel California, you can opt out but you can never leave, that is be without ads.  >:(
I wished we could pay a monthly fee to live ad-free.
Two ways to block it:

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