Author Topic: Microsoft Update KB890830 won't be installed unless Avast is turned off  (Read 37469 times)

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Re: Microsoft Update KB890830 won't be installed unless Avast is turned off
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2016, 11:13:54 AM »

 You should never turn off your AV, for your machine is unsecure then!!!

I also does not agree with this :(
Consider the following (similar, but not identical to the author's thread) scenario (where avast had to be completely uninstalled in order to provide basic maintenance to the computer?!)

A computer (Win7 32bit with up-to-date Avast running Ok, no viruses) was slow.

Hard Disk Sentinel reported vast amount of bat clusters on the hard drive.
The solution: run a ChkDsk utility on that drive.

However, when ever I attempted to schedule ChkDsk after the system restarted - ChkDsk failed to run with the exit message: this disk is locked due to unknown utility?!?

Mbam was then run on that system and Mbam found NOTHING.

After 3 whole days I figured it out:

(Accepted solution)
- Unnistall Avast from that computer. Completly!
- Run ChkDsk (ChkDsk worked then OK!)
- All bad clusters were mapped.
- Install Avast from scratch and let it update.
(Worked OK)

Why Avast on that computer was locking the drive and preventing the ChkDsk to run - newer actually figured out.
Supposed answer: Avast files itself were maybe damaged due to the bad clusters on that drive.
In that (possible?) case - Avast overlapped with ChkDsk or something, preventing tha ChkDsk to run.
I wonder if the Avast Self Defense Module might be the culprit ???

Try unchecking the box as shown in the screenshot and see if that fixes the problem.
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