Author Topic: Outlook 2003 issues with new release  (Read 4452 times)

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Outlook 2003 issues with new release
« on: July 23, 2015, 11:13:09 PM »
In Outlook 2003 I can't open my Address book after installing the new release.
I also get an error after trying to create a new email and clicking 'To:'
And I also get an error when trying to open my Outlook database to compact repair it.

I need a link to the release in April, 2015.  Where can I get it?

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Re: Outlook 2003 issues with new release
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2015, 07:30:12 PM »
I could only run in safe mode. I removed the Avast app in Outlook and in the registry. I even disable Avast to see if it would let my calendar start working. Outlook will start and seem to work, until you try and change any appointments that have not happened yet, then you get "can't open this item. operation failed" or if you try and modify it "could not save item. Your changes could not be saved because you don't have permission to modify some or all of the items in this folder". I am on a personal machine and I am the owner, so no exchange server is involved. I spend hrs on line trying to figure it out and low and behold, uninstalled Avast and problem gone!

Update: Everything working good, thought I would take a chance and put Avast back on and back to the same problem. Its Avast putting something in Outlook that I cant find to remove.

I will have to either run in safe mode or uninstall Avast 10.3.225. Thankfully I never paid for it or I would be out the cash.

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Re: Outlook 2003 issues with new release
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2015, 01:13:52 AM »
Looks like we are not alone, this was posted back in July

Had to use google search to find it. The  Avast search engine is not that easy to use since you have to type in those screwy letters 8 times, cause their so dam hard to read.

Hell I have to type them in just to post and I am logged sad

Just type in the run box  outloook /safe and you will be working, that is all I am doing at this point. Or I will just un-install it if they dont do something about it.

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Re: Outlook 2003 issues with new release
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2015, 03:31:46 AM »
Others have issues with Outlook too:
Since clearly not everyone is having these issues but more than one person is the way to resolve is for Avast Team to understand the common ground within these effected PCs.  Thus, it would help Avast to resolve if you send debug files.
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