Author Topic: avast! Antivirus service doesn't start  (Read 11926 times)

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avast! Antivirus service doesn't start
« on: November 21, 2005, 11:05:54 AM »
ok, guys, i've found why 'avast! Antivirus service' doesn't start automatically after net deployment.
it should start under LocalSystem account.

when you deploy installation, you specify your admin account to install the service on the machine.

after install, you have to  specify LocalSystem account in the service properties dialog, second tab 'system account'. if you don't want to go to the machine, you can connect to the machine remotelly.
1) right-click on the 'My computer',
2) select 'Management' in the drop-down menu
3) right-click on the 'computer management (local computer)'
4) select 'connect to the remote computer' in the drop-down menu
5) select computer you want to start 'avast! Antivirus service'
6) select 'services and applications', 'services',
7) right-click on the stopped 'avast! Antivirus service', select 'Properties',
8  select second tab (account or something like this)
9) push radiobutton to run the service under LocalSystem account
10) next, run the service

that's all, you've remotelly started 'avast! Antivirus service'
of course, i think this is not very correct method, but i couldn't start the service in another way.