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Recently (probably beginning within days ago) I began to realize that my Mozilla Firefox (current ver. 39.0) browser is no longer displaying .png & .svg images (.jpg images isn't affected whatsoever) in Wikipedia articles or pages even when it is running in safe mode. However, strangely enough, Wikipedia articles or pages loaded just fine in Internet Explorer thus eliminating the issue being server-side. Attempted to reset the Mozilla Firefox browser and manually clearing away all cache and cookies even though I'm always private browsing permanently anyway but the issue persisted.

So after some diagnostic and troubleshooting, I believed I might have isolated the fault to Avast Internet Security (current ver. 10.3.2225) as Wikipedia articles or pages loaded fine with it being disabled. Is there any reason why this peculiar issue should be happening in Mozilla Firefox only, considering the configurations and setting has been as it is for months since the last time time I went through them, and most importantly, how do I resolve this?

Any help at all is deeply appreciated and a thank you in advance!
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It has been quite a while now (approximately 14 days) since this thread was initially submitted, does no one in here has any idea what is happening between Avast and Wikipedia or has a solution in mind?

Though I do have to apologise first of all as English isn't my first nor native language and if any of you have found it somehow difficult to understand me, I'm sorry. So to reiterate in simpler form...

Problem or Issue Encountered

01. Mozilla Firefox no longer display .gif, .png & .svg images (.jpg images isn't affected) in Wikipedia articles or pages even when it is running in safe mode without any add-ons and plugins installed whatsoever, all browsing data including cache and cookies has been cleared thoroughly beforehand.

  • Internet Explorer loaded Wikipedia articles or pages just fine.
  • Mozilla Firefox loaded Wikipedia articles or pages just fine when Avast Internet Security is disabled.
  • No significant changes to both hardware or software configurations and settings for the past several months.

Case Exhibit 01

Case Exhibit 02

Case Exhibit 03

Any help at all in resolving this is deeply appreciated and a big thank you in advance!
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See if this helps:

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For me there is no problem with Firefox and Avast.
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I had the same issue, here is my thread, it happened with both FireFox and Chrome

Currently I don't know which av to use. Bit defender stops my computer from turning off, AVG freezes my computer, and avast blocks wiki image, lol, just damn it, why all of them???

I will reinstall avast and try to disable that https scanning to see will it work.


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Additional info: it does not happen with older version, 10.2.2218, but from 10.3.2225, so there is a clue.

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No problem for me on 10.3.2225 and FF 39.0.3 & FF 40.0.

The only difference from 10.2.2218 to 10.3.2223 (earliest build of avast 2015 R3) was the inclusion of HTTPS scanning. So disabling that as suggested by Bob may help.

What Operating System and service pack are you using ?
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picture are on https , so it's same problem than other thread :

And no real answer from avast othen than " disable https scan " ...