Author Topic: Church running Avast Endpoint, switching from old windows server to NAS, opts?  (Read 1262 times)

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Thanks in advance, as I really don't know enough about a lot of this.

We have an IT company that has been doing some "management" for us.  When we started with them we were using a windows server for email, AD, and file sharing.  Now, we've moved to google apps for education, had the AD stuff switched to their little management server, and have been using Avast Endpoint.  Recently their server died, and we've been without AD for a while.  I'm considering switching to a NAS, and eliminating the management company entirely, since I've ended up doing most of the work anyway.

What I wonder is this.  What is the least painful, and cost effective migration path for a non-profit church organization with say 15 machines running endpoint at this time?

Would it be just a matter of redirecting the machines to a different IP to find their management console? 
Is there a non-profit rate similar to the government licence rate?

Or am I going to be better off just switching to Avast for business, or something like that, without a windows server?

I know there is a lot more here that I don't quite understand, but hopefully I'll get there soon.  It seems like the NAS solution will take care of all of our file sharing and backup (taking full backup hot-swap drives home) in addition to what we already have through google drive.  But the protection side is what I still need to get lined up.

Our IT company is getting ready to pitch us on a new windows server with local backup capability, and a second, backup server.  I would really like to know what is possible before that point, so I can see the total cost difference between them + windows servers, and a NAS.