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I use the app "Pages" in my iCloud account to create a To Do list for myself. Every night I login, modify this list, then click Command "P" which creates a PDF file for me to print. I've been doing this for a long time and up until recently have never received any sort of notification that there was a threat.

About 2 weeks ago, after re-installing my mac software (maybe?), Avast continued to give me this "Infection Detected" message every time I went to go create a PDF file from my iCloud account. See the message below:

"Infection detected!'s%20To%20Do%20List.pdf&inline=true&build=secondary

The requested URL contains malicious code that can damage your computer. If you want to access the URL anyway, turn off the Avast web shield and try it again.

Infection type: PDF:UrlMal-inf [Trj]"

So now I have to turn off the web shield each time I want to print. I keep thinking this is just a false positive, but then on the other hand, my computer has begun to run slow again.

Attaching a screen show of the warning too.

Any advice? Please help...


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this detection means that the PDF contains some URL which is blocked. For more info send us the PDF through -> Avast Virus Lab



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I think I figured it out. I went through and deleted all the URLs and then slowly added one in at a time and after each one tried to create the PDF. All of them were fine until I got to the following

" and"

For some reason these are blocked. So I'll just shorten the reference.

Why are these blocked btw?

And thanks.



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It is just the "couch" profile?