Author Topic: Why can't I disable DeepScreen?  (Read 1355 times)

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Why can't I disable DeepScreen?
« on: August 15, 2015, 04:34:35 PM »
I uninstalled Avast in a huff this morning. I've since installed it again, but I think it was your fault!

I was trying to run an installer for a third party product and the DeepScreen window kept popping and scanning for a very long time preventing any progress. I tried moving all the sliders in "Active Protection" to off (for 10 minutes) but it was still doing it. I then discovered a bunch more sliders under "Tools" (why aren't these on the same page - there is plenty of room for them?) . Still no change. After further hunting I found "Enable DeepScan" on the General tab and un-checked that. It was STILL popping. So I left it unchecked and re-booted my computer, checking afterward it was still un-checked (bitter experience - I had found after a reboot the "off for 10 minutes" sliders had been changed to on - why? 10 minutes means 10 minutes regardless of re-boots!). STILL no change (what is the DeepScreen check box for exactly - it seems to make no difference).

At this point I said "to hell with it" and un-installed Avast completely - after which the installation went fine

I since discovered the "Avast Sheilds Control" on the taskbar right-click menu and can confirm that this does successfully disable DeepScreen - but WHY is this feature (disable all active scans) not available from the GUI control panel?

I also discovered the "Exclusions" feature - but this would not be particularly useful in this case - the installer was unpacking a setup file into the temporary directory and running it from there. I would not want to exclude the temporary directory from protection.

In general I think all the controls on the context menu should also be available on the top level of the UI. In addition it would be good to have a "panic button" to disconnect the computer from the network and the option to link that to the "disable" options so you could, say, turn all protection off for 10 minutes whilst isolating the computer from the network.