Author Topic: W10 PRO and the latest Avast 2015 ( free ) version filled up my SSD - unusable  (Read 1767 times)

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I don't complain. I got Avast 2015 for free, tested it with W10 Pro and it failed. What I want is that Avast is aware about this issue and can fix it.

Previosly I used Avast on Windows 7 for almost 1 year. On Windows 10, I am back on Windows Defender and will not go back to Avast again. I did want virus protection, not virtual machines running on my Windows. BTW, the popups are annoying. But then again, it's free.

I am sure that Avast can be a great security package, in case someone really wants everything it does. As for me, a downsized and working package would be a better product.

Best, YA
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