Author Topic: College Campus - site won't load only on campus  (Read 1382 times)

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College Campus - site won't load only on campus
« on: August 28, 2015, 07:15:34 PM »
I cannot connect to the campus website when on campus.  When home -- or on any other wi-fi -- I can connect and access all campus website info just fine.  When on their guest wi-fi on campus, some pages work, but not my mail, etc.  The campus tech team tells me it's Avast. 

I tested logging in via another non-Avast computer & am fine. 

We tested 2 Avast-protected computers.  Both fail, but not consistently or with same exact results.  Is it Avast?  Here are some log files from my PC.  Will attach files from other PC if necessary. 

Any help you can provide in figuring this out would be GREATLY appreciated.