Author Topic: Avast network traffic scan not working properly (?)  (Read 1441 times)

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Avast network traffic scan not working properly (?)
« on: September 10, 2015, 10:48:44 AM »
I was downloading a game trough steam and decided to check the avast global statistics. When  you open the stats window it starts with the realtime stats tab opened. I was expecting the explosion of steam  URLs getting scanned by avast but instead there weren't any addresses getting scanned. I know that realtime stats thing probably isn't really that accurate and could be bugged, but it showed the links getting scanned yesterday when i checked the global stats. I tested origin and battlenet and their links weren't getting scanned/shown either, but if I use firefox the links that i use (like are getting scanned and shown. It seems like the non-browser processes traffic isn't getting scanned by avast or shown in the stats.

So I just decided to ask if this is something to be worried about.