Author Topic: Easypass master password pop-under  (Read 3873 times)

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Easypass master password pop-under
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:08:32 AM »
It started a few months ago, don't remember exactly when, but whenever I try to use it on a site I have set as password protected, the pop-up for me to enter my password will either appear beneath the browser window I have open, or if it appears on top, it will lose focus to a random program and I have to select it again before typing. It might happen with some of the other aspects of Easypass, I don't remember, but the biggest problem is the master password pop-up.

It's not a huge problem, since most of the things I have password protected are things I use less often, but it is definitely annoying. Is there some setting that I need to fix, or did Avast just break something weird with an update?

And on the topic of annoyances, thank you Avast for FINALLY putting Easypass in the Chrome store so Chrome would stop bitching about it.