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Last week the previous installation of Firefox 40.0.3 was corrupted by an attempted attack and had to be reinstalled; even Chrome security extensions were corrupted.
Similar attack on Firefox happened tonight, did a boot scan and then full system scan with Avast; no changes were found; no 'positive hits' were reported, nothing was moved to Virus Vault (copies of current reports to be attached: boot, e-mail, file system, and web Shield reports all date 9/521/15);
But my current login combo of username or email X password was no longer accepted by Avast when I tried to initially file my report, so reluctantly since I knew the data duo was correct (encrypted read only file system on remote system) I generated a new data duo which was allowed.
2.  But when I attempted to login to forums the new duo was not accepted?
3.  This is the issue, not that I have documented all the hedgerows I had to hop just to get here:
Avast Anti-virus and Anti-malware is working for Admin a/c but not for standard user accounts?

What is to be done?  My first reaction was to install a surrogate or secondary anti-malware application for the standard user accounts:
a.  but when I checked the status of this PC when logged in on a standard user account at with the on-line test "ShieldsUP" the report said all of the first 1056 ports remained perfectly stealthed:
a.1. so if my first 1056 ports were and are still 100% stealthed, and Avast reported the infection was blocked
"see details in 005173.png  . . . .

I. What happened to the Avast protection for the Standard accounts?
II. What is the best method to restore Avast effectiveness for Standard user accounts.
III.  Given that log reports are "OK" that nothing has compromised the "active steathing" of first 1056 ports,
IV.  What can be done to avoid or remove the threat of such attacks in the future?
V.  Is there some vulnerability to new Firefox (x86) version 40.0.3 to the Trojan, identified as "JS:ScriptDC"-inf[Trj]; note this will be reported in parallel to Mozilla Firefox community as well

Hope to hear from best thoughts, suggestions, strategies and proposed mechanism of infection with Avast protection intact and 1056 ports 'stealthed?
I also ran a 'hijackthis' and scanned the report, finding no changes (no included -due to size - can be sent upon request

Thank you.