Author Topic: Invalid certificate popup + Exclusions that don't seem to work  (Read 3499 times)

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Invalid certificate popup + Exclusions that don't seem to work
« on: October 04, 2015, 03:08:37 PM »
I've already took a look at some related topics (e.g. Web Shield 2015 is blocking access because "... certificate is" thread, but also Updated to 2015, Now Chrome is giving me "Your connection is not private" msg. one), and I couldn't find an answer to my problem.

Namely I am experiencing the same issue as OP in the first link thread above. When I try to visit (or website I get this error text in the Avast's popup right above the clock & other icons/programs in task bar)

Avast Web Shield has blocked access to this page because the following certificate is invalid:

Okay I thought, it's a well-known & trusted website so I will just put that URL under Exclusions and Avast will stop checking "" so I could visit & browse But the problem is that apparently Exclusions do not work at all. I added the "http://**" to Web Shield's (Settings, Active protection tab, Web Shield -> Customize, Exclusions tab) and just to be completely sure also under Avast's general Exclusions (Settings, General tab, Exclusions section under "URLs" tab; the other 3 tabs being File paths, DeepScreen, and Hardened mode)

At the moment the only way to visit the mentioned website ( is to temporarily disable Web Shield! Am I right in assuming think I the other way would be to I un-tick "Enable HTTPS scanning" (Web Shield -> Main settings tab)?

P.S. I am using the latest version 10.4.2233 of Avast Free Antivirus 2015, which I downloaded & installed a bit more (i.e. on 25th September) than one week ago.
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If you think it's a false positive, send it to Avast:

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I'd say that messages about an invalid certificate must be related to a https connections, i.e. the http mask most likely wouldn't match.


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Thank you igor for the hint that it may indeed be related to SSL (https connections); maybe I will just un-tick/check "HTTPS Scanning". And thanks for the 2nd reply to the other poster too. :)

But otherwise any idea on why it appears in this case that "Exclusions" (as mentioned both - Web Shield's under Settings, Active protection, and Avast's general Exclusions under Settings, General tab, Exclusions) don't work?