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Product Off - Still Installed
« on: October 14, 2015, 10:19:22 PM »
I've subscribed to the Premium cloud product.  In the "Default" settings, I've turned "Off" the Firewall and Antispam products.  However, when I install clients, the Firewall and Antispam are still being installed and enabled.  Other settings I've changed on the console are coming down correctly to the clients.

How do I get the Firewall and Antispam to turn off on the clients (or uninstall on the clients)?


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Re: Product Off - Still Installed
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2015, 01:20:21 AM »
More detail - it appears that it's the Windows 10 clients that ignore the settings.  The few Windows 8.1 clients I've installed are obeying it and not installing the Firewall or Antispam.

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Re: Product Off - Still Installed
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2015, 03:43:55 PM »
Hi Jim,

We are aware of the windows 10 issue and working to resolve as quickly as possible. Hopefully we will see the fix in the next client release. At this time I do not have an ETA for the client as there are some issues with sharepoint that have to be worked out.




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Re: Product Off - Still Installed
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2015, 08:18:07 PM »
Hi Jim!

At first, before I get used to the Avast for Business product, I thought that I can skip a shield's installation during setup. This is not the case. Also went through the phase thinking that turning off a particular shield (mail shield in our case, we use Exchange so it is not of any use) through a template will uninstall the shield altogether. However this is not the case either.

To uninstall a shield completely, click on a device name in the list of devices (Network > Devices) and go to the Products tab. The option to Uninstall is available there to the right of the product name.

So until a fix for your issue with Windows 10 is created (we have not seen this in our environment because we use the non-premium version) maybe you can uninstall the firewall and antispam components altogether?

A little off-topic. Besides it seeming wasteful to have a shield installed when it is disabled, my main concern is that even that the client software will show status in green and that the machine is protected, it still says some shields are off and prominently shows an option to turn on ALL shields, even those disabled by the applied template.