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Just wondering
« on: October 19, 2015, 03:24:09 PM »
When a person buys Premium and I have 3 computers, using it that all the add on for this version is extra cost.  I also have a Tablet which I pay extra, and one Iphone which I pay extra for.  Why don't they put all the add ons into one price for the Premium version and be done with it.  It seems that all you people want to do is nickel and dime everyone to death.  You Have one of the best products out there but most people cannot afford them if they are running more then one machine.  Why don't you people come up with one price for the Premium and it includes everything you have to offer.  If a person has three or more computers then give them a discount.  Or would you rather a person just get the free Avast and be happy your not making anything.  And your online tech support is also outrageous in price.  A techie that spends less then 5 min cleaning a persons computer on line and you charge I think $176.00.  I have been using your product for years and I love your product even though some of them do not work.  I am a senior with a fixed income.  I am just saying one price for all in the Premium would be nice.  Thank you for your time.

Alex Lepp