Author Topic: "Upload tmp is share"-threat on website?  (Read 996 times)

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"Upload tmp is share"-threat on website?
« on: November 01, 2015, 02:04:51 PM »
See this website in Jiangsu, mainland China: 
Site Potentially Harmful. Outdated server software detected: System Details:
Running on: nginx/1.4.4 
Via proxy: 1.1 this despite the use of kerberos-security via port 88.
Outdated Web Server Nginx Found: nginx/1.4.4 x-via   1.1 xxxz58:8108 (Cdn Cache Server V2.0), 1.1 wenzhou153:10 (Cdn Cache Server V2.0) ? -> Port80-TCP:V=6.49BETA4%I=7%D=11/1%Time=56360C20%P=x86_64-unknown-linux
ssl-cert: Subject: Certification Authority/countryName=CN
Quttera has nothing on website:
IP badness history:
Unwanted programs, PUPs, clicker-trojans, etc from IP, see:
Abuse on Chinanet-Backbone.

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