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Web Shield and ZA = IE & Web Problems THIS POST IS RESOLVED.
« on: December 05, 2005, 11:56:33 AM »
THIS POST IS RESOLVED.  By terminating Web Shield I was able to trace down the configuration problems.  Then restarted web shield and reset transparent proxy settings in the Web Shield as well as in the Avast4.INI file.  Part of it had to do with proxy settings I made in Java Script.  Once that was restored to "use browser settings" I was able to proceed (Its not good to just "try anything").  I need to state that this issue started before I downloaded java...So..I don't actually know what caused the problem in the first place - being suddenly switched out of my mail service to the log on page.  End.

My ZoneAlarm cookies are set to medium and Avast Web Scanner Redirect HTTP set to 80 and IE Connections\Settings\Proxy Server is checked and Advanced HTTP Proxy address set to

I log into my ISP webmail program (being all Javascript) and receive the first page OK.  When I switch to view the settings page or any other page on the webmail menu, IE is sent back to the log-on page. :-\

I expect this to be a cookies problem.  IE worked well in the past with the above settings.  The only thing new is that I was recently required to download Java.  I also set java to use the same localhost proxy setting as IE, as a test, but still no difference.

Ideas?  Thanks
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