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This is a case of using Avasti, then not using Avasti, then using it again. I've used Avasti for the last few years. Then I let it drop. Then re-installed it a few months ago. I felt it created a problem with hardware then (Mainly trackball mice) and disabled it. I found an alternate reason for the problem and re-enabled it. Now I am finding that external 3D printers and keyboards are no longer able to connect to the computer. Windows 7-64 shows the devices are there. I look up the ports and do all of the normal stuff to connect with them. But something is blocking the connections.

There are no warnings in the Avasti firewall. The Windows firewall is turned off. I do have other security software such as 'Malwarebytes Anti-Malware', but there is no other continuous security software running besides Avasti.

Simply put, the devices connect to my computer. Windows shows that they are properly connected. But I get an "access is denied" message when the software attempts to connect to these devices.

As I said, it is not just one device. Current count is 3 different devices, and 2 different types of devices. And one of these devices was working when Avasti was not active. In fact, it was working up until just recently even while Avasti was active at the time.

The only thing new has been (Besides a new 3D printer) Avasti and Windows 7-64 updating. (I will probably stall forever on Windows 10.)

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Re: Avasti possible cassuing all kinds of havic with external devices.
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The only thing that jumps out at me is What you used for an Anti Virus when Avast wasn't installed and how was it removed BEFORE Avast was reinstalled?
If another AV was used (and there are Remnants left) it's always possible Avast installation is corrupted and may be resolved by performing a "Repair" and if still no luck; a "Clean Install"
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