Author Topic: Avast 2016 causes win 10 home laptop to be in perpetual automatic repair  (Read 1849 times)

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Hey everyone.

I've been a loyal Avast user now for over 1500 days. Yes I know its not really the long, but it's something I can say I'm proud of, because I use this software and promote it all the time. However I have hit a bit of an issue.

I recently bought an Asus X455LJ laptop. I started it up and started to load various programs on it, such as Notepad++, Adobe Master Collection CS4, Avast 2016, XAMPP, oh and Guild Wars 2. I made some changes and then they asked me to restart the computer so I did. When it booted back up I was presented with "Preparing Automatic Repair" then after a few seconds "Diagnosing your PC" to which it said it couldn't repair and told me to either reboot the computer as that sometimes fixes things, or go to advanced options. So I rebooted the computer and the same thing happened. This time I went into Advanced Options and tried the various things in there. The problem still persisted. The only way I could get out of the loop is if I did a complete reset on the computer as there were no system restore points yet created.

So after I did the restore, I figured I would install everything again and this time not make the change that I did. Oh and for those wondering the change that I made was change the computer name from the auto created DESKTOP-XXXX-XXXXX-XX to EhZeus. I then shut the computer off for the night. When I booted it back up in the morning I was presented with the same problem, and the moron that I am failed to create a restore point. So I had to do a complete reset again. After this reset though I decided to install one thing at a time, and restart the computer. If the problem occurred then I knew what was causing it. So first I did nothing and restarted the computer, everything was fine, created a restore point, and then installed Notepad++, restarted the computer everything was fine and created a new restore point. I kept repeating this process, then when I installed Avast 2016 and rebooted the computer I was presented with the error again of "Preparing Automatic Repair" then "Diagnosing your PC."

I sadly now have a laptop that has only Windows Defender on it, as I cannot stand AVG, McAfee, or Norton. I can't stand Defender either but I need to have at least something on there.

So my question is, did I not find this same issue on the forums and have now created a duplicate issue, or has no one else reported this?  Regardless does anyone want to have a go as to why on earth this is even happening and perhaps offer a suggestion?

Thanks ladies and gents, all input is welcome. :)