Author Topic: Silent Uninstall of Avast Endpoint Protection not working from Console  (Read 4199 times)

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We are unable to uninstall Avast Enterprise 8.0.1603.399 using the AEA console.
Under Deployment Tasks you can create one where the Task Type is "Uninstall Managed Product(s)".
When I start the task, it just sits at Waiting and never completes the uninstall.
At one point Avast has discovered more endpoints than I had licenses and you will get a different error when that happens (0x7) so I had to remove some discovered endpoints before I could even get this far.
The logs that I have found on the server don't say what is happening.
I have tried turning off the firewalls on the server and the clients and it doesn't help.
My next step is to get around the uninstall password by loaded the Administrative Console and going to Computer Catalog + properties on the policy setup for the workstations. Scroll down the list and find "Troubleshooting" and uncheck the box for "Enable avast!self-defense module".