Author Topic: Rootkit pretext to implement Fritz chip  (Read 2037 times)

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Rootkit pretext to implement Fritz chip
« on: December 09, 2005, 03:45:03 PM »
Dear forum members,

As one can read here is Intel working to implement hardware detection of rootkit on motherboards. This sounds like the nightmare of the Fritz chip implemented. If this is the same thing as the big 200 want, also known under various names like Palladium etc., this would mean that a chip will be built in the motherboard eventually checking all software for legitimacy. This could mean the end of open software, small software development and the end of freedom for the end-user. All what is considered not legit could be taken off remotely. Intel says it takes the process to ID what is wrong out of the hands of the user, but what is actually taken out of their hands as well. This could mean the end of self-built computers, it is just using the software and hardware with your hands neatly tied behind your backs. If enough n33bs like this easy way out, they will get what they deserve: "Big Brother Inside". Or do we say, everything all right but not at this cost.


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