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Updated Version Announcement?
« on: December 06, 2015, 06:51:50 PM »
The other day I accessed my safe zone and it worked fine.  Later that Pm I tried to access it, but got the error message-cannot read write data direct.  Several more tries and I went for a manual update which got hung up and my computer froze forcing a hard shut down.  I tried to access the forums but somehow my Ip add. no longer would show as valid.  Related or coincidence, I have no idea.  Since I was clueless, I called my provider and even after ip/release and ip/renew & modem reset it still wouldn't recognize the ip as valid so they transferred me to the next tier of tech support.

About half hour in to my wait-I remembered some advice that I got from a forum adviser on another problem who recommended a clean install.  Duh!  So, I deleted Avast and it at least fixed the Ip add. problem.  I then reinstalled Avast and this version has much different look and of course, there are many changes to the Safe Zone and I'm having problems such as;

I tried to access the FAQs from SZ  and it won't let me as it times out.  Other times I have messages that refers to Yahoo even though I've changed the search engine to Google numerous times.

I'm stilling trying to add my credit card site to my bookmarks tab in regular and pay mode.  I've been able to add my bank and my insurance sites, but I cannot not add the credit card. 

The bigger question is:  Why didn't auto update offer me the new version before the crisis?  Is the auto update reliable? It seems that I was at risk and it certainly isn't acceptable in an era where only an expert or an idiot wouldn't have AV and Malware, that a old guy-neophyte, such as myself, is stumbling around in the dark trying to fix an AV program that I pay for.

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Re: Updated Version Announcement?
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2015, 10:23:40 PM »
Which version of Windows are you running ???
Which version of Avast is installed ???
Latest version is available at:
What other security software are you using ???
What did you use before Avast and how was it removed ???
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