Author Topic: Avast Cleanups is redgestered to my account, how come I can't activate it?  (Read 2891 times)

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I'm running the latest Avast VPS version whatever that means, Windows 10 Pro on a Alienware x51 system.

I bought Cleanup in August sometime after upgrading to Win10, I activated it with my account, no problems whats so ever. I had a bunch of BSOD issues caused by Avast so I had to reset my machine; I'm on the latest updates, latest everything. I re-downloaded Avast and noticed Cleanup refuses to activate, I have tried going to my conformation email again and putting the code in yet again, which as you can expect didn't work as it's already been redeemed to my Avast account.

I go into Settings - Registration, Scroll down to Cleanup and click Activate, it doesn't change at all. It still says just below it's valid, yet clicking activate just does nothing in the dialog box that opens.

Any help?


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to uninstall the Browser Cleanup tool: Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Avast Free Antivirus and click Change. In the setup dialog, remove the "Browser Cleanup" option under "Tools." and try to install again

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so I had to reset my machine
That can be the clue on why it is not working. If you did a factory reset it can be that there is other anti-malware on it. You must removed that completely before installing avast.

Another thing that can be the case...
If your "old system" is still listed there, CleanUp (registration) may detect that you are trying to use the registration on a new system where you don't are entitled to.

Try this:
- Remove the old system from your account there.
- Add the current system/installation as a new one.
- Wait a couple of hours (just to give everything some time to update)
- Try to register CleanUp through your account there.