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Avast occasional lagging/freezing...
« on: December 06, 2015, 11:19:31 PM »
This seemed to start just this Saturday evening as I was intending to use Avast to run a casual scan on my computer, then suddenly Avast started to lag and/or freeze for couple of seconds at most when trying to open Avast program trough Windows taskbar, as little notification icon stops stipping orange and blue for a moment befor program window itself manages to appear. This doesn't seem that big otherwise since this has sometimes happened in the past rarely, but this has continued today and even couple of times Avast taskbar icon has shown red cross showing that "Avast background service is not running", but it has appeared only a couple of seconds as Avast has then opened. These things seemed to have occured only when trying to open Avast or clicking something within the program window (like going back to home menu from scan results). Otherwise, when doing a scan or just running in the backround, Avast seems to work fine and freezing doesn't happen every time, but it's little irritating when it happens. Any advice?

EDIT: I checked the updates showing that there was newer version available (my current version seems to be 11.1.2241). I'll do the upgrade before going to bed soon and wait for tomorrow to see if it fixes any of the issues.
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