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Network Scanner unreliable
« on: December 26, 2015, 04:34:44 PM »
I'm running Free Antivirus ver. 11. I don't trust the Network Scanner. My recent scan does not make sense:

1. Router D-link DIR-655 rev. A4 should be vulnerable to hacker attack according to EDB-ID 15666. However, this article does not refer to my router model.  ::)

2. ROM-0 issue: Due to my router's HW firewall (SPI inspection) all unwanted data packets will be dropped IMO.  8)

3. Router accessible via IPv6 protocol: My router does not support IPv6, only IPv4.  ::)

4. Admin interface with weak PW: My PW consists of numbers and characters (both upper and lower case), so this is definately not weak.  8)

I wonder if the scanner is fooled by my router's DMZ zone which is enabled for my sons PS4?
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