Author Topic: Avast Premier 2016.11.1.2245 is throttling d-link ac1900 usb wifi adapter.  (Read 1271 times)

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Just bought a d-link ac1900 usb wifi adapter for my laptop, Avast Premier latest version is throttling it - to about 500kb/s when I use the download manager - when Avast is uninstalled - it gets 30 mb/s with the download manager. I have reinstalled Avast without the firewall, and the same thing occurred.

On installation Winpatrol found that the d-link install drivers installed an exe called runSW.exe in the C:\Windows folder - this is a realtek signed driver, and google says it is for the usb. Does Avast not "like" this file, and therefore speeds are throttled, or is something else happening?

All help appreciated.


Edit 1 - It may not be Avast - it is now being throttled even with a different av suite - now I may have to return the adapter.
Edit 2 - I disabled runSW.exe in miscrosoft services, and set the start properties to manual - the adapter is at full speed.

Realtek, and usb wifi high-speed manufacturers need to work this out.

I am going to install Avast premier again, even though Qihoo 360 is set and running with Avira and Bitdefender (which took a while) - I've used Avast for so long.

Edit 3 - When you disable runSW.exe in windows services, if the wifi cable disconnects and then reconnects - you get a usb device not recognized error - so disabling runSW.exe is not a permanent solution - so I have to return the adapter.
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